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floor and wall panel spacing

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I can't remember this part when I did the kitchen a year ago.

How much (if any) spacing do I leave between the panel edges?

1) drywall

Shoot for anything between none and 1/4". If the gaps are larger, it's no big deal.

2) plywood subfloor

If it's over a conditioned space, you can butt them tight. If it's over an unconditioned crawlspace, I'd leave a gap about as wide as whatever nail I was using to fasten the sheets.

3) cement based backer boards

Anywhere between none & 1/4" or so.

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Yes, gaps are no big deal, but if you hang rock with gaps, pre fill the gaps before taping, or you'll have an ugly mess.

Good drywall has more to with the hanging than the taping, most times. Folks mistakenly think it's all about taping.

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