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plywood shims?

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crawlspace with intermediate columns. Plywood is used as shims. The plywood extends out past all points of contact with the joists. That is correct, no beams. All joists that are run from the foundation walls to the columns and intersected with hangers where at right angels to each other. Can plywood be an acceptable shim for the joist to rest on at the top of the columns? There is no metal between the concrete columns and the wood shims...I know....

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Hmm. Is that a puddle I'm seeing back underneath that ducting? My last inspection had that going on along with the LP siding action. Mine had all the joist bays filled tight with insulation. There was probably this going on too.

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What are the other concerns?


No vapor barrier (moisture)

Decay (the result of moisture, and no vapor barrier)

Undersized header

Poorly supported header

Poorly installed joist hangers

Crummy ducts

Crummy wiring

No insulation

Kimball noted most of it. It's just odd that he seemed to focus on the plywood, which really isn't much of a problem in itself.

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