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New OREP E&O Program: Broadest Coverage/Low Rates

David Brauner

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Hi all- this is David Brauner, Senior Broker at Appraisers Errors & Omissions Insurance - Real Estate Home Inspectors Liability E&O Insurance. We're proud to announce a new E&O program with includes most coverages in the minimum premium, including BIPD/Premises Coverage. All the information is on the Self Rating application posted at OREP.org, which requires no quoting (you can get back to work in minutes).

The minimum premium is $1,250 for $100k/$300k (aggregate) limit.

It's Admitted, so no taxes or policy fee. To our current insureds, you will enjoy these lower rates and broader coverage at renewal!

Thanks to all.

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Marc- sorry, Friday was the first day we could sell it.

And David- sorry also. If you did leave a voice message with someone here at OREP, I never got it. It is a total pet peeve of mine not having calls returned to me so I ALWAYS do- to everyone- or at least I have the person here who can best answer the question return it. I do not see your name in our database.

Besides, not returning calls isn't to good for business! If you want me to call you, please email me at: dbrauner@orep.org or post your number here but I don't check here regularly.

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I take offense to being subjected to an ad for insurance so that I can receive a free publication that I didn't ask for. I'm equally offended by the birthday cards that my wife and I get from our car insurance agent, I'd prefer he keep his phony sentiment and lower my premiums.

I pay nearly as much for insurance as I do for everything else that I own, and receive no value for that expenditure. Sorry if I'm a little jaded.

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