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Free Downloads Available on TIJ

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Seattle, WA

TIJ's mission is to offer free information and assistance to all home inspectors, regardless of professional affiliation or time in the business.

Most visitors think of TIJ is only an inspectors' forum site when there are many more features than just the forums. We have a constantly growing links directory, there's a live chat board, calender of events and book reviews, to name a few.

One of the most under-used areas of this site is the downloads area. We spend a lot of time on the internet searching various sites for data and information that inspectors can use to become better inspectors and enlarge their personal reference library.

Today, TIJ is proud to offer the first in a series of U.S. Army engineering publications. These are public domain documents that deal with carpentry, masonry, utilities, electricity, plumbing, soils engineering, etc., and can be downloaded directly from TIJ's downloads archives.

The first, FM 5-426 (Carpentry) is available now. To download your own copy of this extensive basic guide to wood frame construction, click here.

To download future offerings as we add them to the downloads library, go to the Resources button at the top of TIJ's home page, click on downloads, scroll to the document that you want and then open or save the file to your computer.


Mike O'Handley, Editor

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Just finished looking through the concrete one. It's excellent.


Rod and Re-Rod


Tooling a joint









All technical terms taken out of context... I'm skipping the wood construction one for now or I'll get all worked up. I'm saving plumbing for last.

Nipple, male, female, petcock (I had a petcock but ran away?) ball valve, emergency stop, union, coupling... I can't wait.

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