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WDO inspections for Refinance

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I frequently run into requests from home owners to perform a WDO inspection and to concentrate on a specific area like a window or a corner of the house due to an appraiser flagging an area and thus the underwriter calling for a WDO inspection. When I get there I generally see that there is more damage or occurring with the whole house and that I would need to report on that as well. Then comes the argument from the owner and the loan originator stating that they only need a comment about the window. I know we are not lawyers here and are inspectors but do any of you run into this. What do you end up doing? I usually don't except the job and charge for showing up.

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I'm pretty sure that if you charge for a WDO inspection that state law requires SDI's to perform a full WDO inspection and not a partial one. Find that in the statute or get a "finding" from Dan Soumy and then wave that in their face via email before you go out there.



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I'm WDI/O licensed in Maryland. Here, we can omit an out building such as a detached garage but any work you take on whatever structure should include the entire structure.

If there's an active colony on site, the entire structure should be treated anyway. Repairs to any existing damage is another story.

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