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Name This Siding

Mark P

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I've never seen this siding before. It is some sort of plactic/ Vinyl/fiberglass... The house was built in 1966 so it could have been installed at anytime, but it is not new. I found no problems with it, I'm just wanting to try and identify it. Any help is appreciated.

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I would expect some kind of repeating pattern, if that is a manufactured siding, and I don't see one.

Could it be ............ wood?

No it is a plastic of some sort about 1/8 inch thick. Very durable and i found no real problems with it. There is a repeating pattern, there were 4-5 different pannels each of the 5 pannels had a completly different pattern. The buyer said the seller told her it was fiberglass. The report is done....so I guess it will remain a mystery

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