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Application for Great Stuff in sources near heat


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Photo depicts silver paint over "Great Stuff" expandable foam. Says on the safety sheet not to use around heaters or furnaces where foam may come into contact with heat-conductive surfaces. This foam was applied around air ducts and boxes adjacent to an electric heat pump. Any issues I may not be aware of?

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That looks like an home owner repair. If a sheet metal person /duct installed did that they need to be took out behind the wood shed.

There is no need for the great stuff if the duct was installed properly. It looks like someone did not want to buy some duct wrap.

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I've never seen spray foam used that way. Phillip's right, a proper installation would have eliminated the need for foam, but aside from the MSDS, what's the concern? Heat pumps don't generate air temps very high, only about 90 degrees or so.


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