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Questions on reporting

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A little while back there was a damaged rat slab in a crawlspace and some said report it and others said it was not a problem.

It a crawlspace I run across these two items. I would like to here if you would report as a repair or just note it in the report.

The report was done last week and later I will let you know what I did.


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See post #3 for other photos

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That nice house deserves a real foundation. I would definitely call out those crappy piers and that little pile of shims.

I would call for a properly installed vapor barrier as well.

I can't tell if those notches are too deep in those joists, but I guess they are ok. We don't build like that here. Those joists would be resting on a beam with a lap joint if that was here.

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The notches are for the ledger board which support the joist. This is a standard set of flaming around here.

I do not like the wood shims. they should be steel. I write the shims up all the time.

I wondering have much effect the damage to the block is going to have on the column.

We also have beams with lap joints.

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