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Answer the door while taking care of business

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I'd say that's an old house. [:)]

Some of the old floor plans left the crapper out in the back yard where it belonged in those days.

I see an occasional bathroom on a closed-in back porch, but not up front and personal like that. How about installing a shower curtain around it? [:)]

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Old farm perhaps?

If it's the back entrance, can see where the missus might not like it if every time the mister has to use the toilet he traipses through the house with boots covered with barnyard crap. She would demand he put in a separate entrance leading directly to the crapper so her just-scrubbed floors won't get dirtied.

Front entrance for convenience. Don't you just hate it when you're on the crapper and you're the only one home and someone comes knocking on the door? This way the mailman can slide the mail under the door or he can sit there and have a conversation through the door until he gets done.



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