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storing rechargeable batteries

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When storing rechargeable batteries for cordless tools, is it better to keep them in the house where the environment is more stable and not subject them to freezing cycles?

I'm getting ready to organize some things and have choices of where to locate my charging station.

1) In the basement where a moderate temperature is maintained all year.

2) In an exterior shop that has no HVAC serving it.

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Good info at this site. It looks to me like cool and dry is ideal, avoiding high heat seems to be more NB than worrying about a bit of frost.


I have chargers on a power bar by the door of my shop. I write the voltage on a piece of tape on the power supply so I don't have to fumble around with 6 or 7 different chargers. Lithium ion batteries are amazing.

More good info. I bookmarked the homepage.


I know I'm doing something right because my cordless drill is a 9 volt Dewalt from the late 90's. I like the light weight, and I can hang it in a pants pocket. One battery pack died, but I found one in a second hand store, charged it up and it is good. I never leave batteries overnight on the quick charger. I like to use chargers that warn when the charge is complete.

My cellphone is on 24 hrs a day, and I put it on the charger every night. Bought it in 2005, still on the original battery.

Laptop, I use the power cord for it everywhere I go, keep full charge on the battery.

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