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Insulation around recessed lighting


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I am concerned about the return vent is pulling air from the attic through the nearby recessed lights. Attic temp can get 125-130 along the floor in the summer, so this could be a major efficiency problem.

Wireless thermometer shows temperature of fixtures (when off) is about 5 degrees warmer than surrounding ceiling. I don't think the loose inslation is packed around the fixture...some of it just fell down in there when it got pushed around.

Any suggestions on the proper way to insulate this without creating a fire/ major tripping hazard?

Home was consutructed in 2005.


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I disagree. Notice the gray insulation adjacent to the fixture. That is the dust that is being filtered by the insulation. Slight pressure differentials, wind, the opening of a door and the stack effect all drive air into and out of the home. Turn the lamp within the fixture on and the hot air will try to rise through any openings in the fixture.

One fixture? I would not be stressed but eventually I would get around to dealing the fixture. I have 10 such fixtures and sealed them all shortly after moving into the home. Sealing the remainder of the ceiling plane should also be address if it was not sealed. It is never sealed by the builder in my neck of the woods.

Unfortunately the dollar is the driver. I've got 3200sf of conditioned space. My light bill is about 120 in the summer. How much would a consumer spent to be more energy efficient with the same circumstances that I had?

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I don't recall the name brand but I purchased them through batticdoor.com I also switched the lamps to florescent. Just don't want to risk the heat build up. Eventually I will migrate to LED.

Another pet peeve is the attic pull down stairs in the same hall. It really does not mater if they are next to one another or not. The "tent" and the can covers have helped a number of my clients improve the performance of their HVAC systems. I provide short blurbs of info for a few areas of air sealing and some clients will call for more info. Nothing like listening to a five ton unit run the entire the entire inspection. They usually get it when I explain it that way.

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Ramon, that enclosure is part of the fixture.

There are all sorts of aftermarket covers made of everything form paper to plastic to steel, and none of them are easy to install in the real world. The marketing material shows a box or bucket simply set over the fixture, but in reality there are wires, mounting straps, framing and blocking that are always in the way. In the OP the can is right in the middle of the catwalk.

If it were mine (and I were inclined to do anything with it) I'd cut a 12" to 14" round hole for the can in a sheet of 2" rigid insulation, then cover that with a piece of plywood or OSB with the whole sandwich the width of the catwalk. That way I wouldn't burn myself on a hot can every time I had to change the filter and my HVAC tech wouldn't kneel on the fixture and push it through the ceiling.

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