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Fried Service Cable


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So, Thursday's inspection was kind of interesting.

Found the messenger cable kind of fried.

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And one of the hot legs from the pole with the insulation split.

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Ten freet from the house the insulation on that leg was peeled back like an orange peel and that leg is within millimeters of shroting to the messenger.

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Here's a closup view of the side of that hot leg

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Another closeup

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So, I'm in the attic and I find a wire hanging out in the open - some old rag wrap - and I wonder to myself, "Is it hot?" Didn't have my tracer with me so I decided to check it anyway. Held it at arms length and touched the ends together. Whoopey, it's still hot. Thought to myself, "That blew the breaker," so I did it again. Nope, breaker not blown.

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Figured I knew why. Finished up the attic and then went to check the breaker panel. Yep, not a single tripped breaker. Now you know the rest of the story (At least insofar as why the breaker didn't trip.).

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