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How does this fan work?

Robert Jones

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I went to their website and it states it is some kind of air exchanger? There were no openable windows in the unit. It was installed above one of those in wall dryer vent boxes. Could be a booster for that?



I've seen a similar type installed on a dryer vent system that exceeded 25'.

http://residential.fantech.net/resident ... ster-fans/

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I have also seen them on high end range hoods. Putting the fan some distance from the hood makes it quieter to operate. But they can be used for dryer or bath exhaust as well.

Mike is correct, those arrows appear to be in opposition. ??

This one serves two bathrooms. It looks like they lose (loose? lews?) on pipe length here, but who am I to criticize? I'm sure it was an expensive upgrade.[:)]

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What's written at the arrow on the fan itself. The arrow on the controller box points upward for the airflor while the other points downward. Hmmm.



It's the arrow on the motor that counts. Sometime the j-box, or the cover on it, is deliberately upside-down so the label isn't.

I've installed several on dryer ducts. I don't know which applications was Rob's. If he can get the model number from that photo that might answer the question.


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