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I cut my carpenter teeth working on some very old homes in this area, but I've never seen these brass sash ribbons before.

The house was built in 1860. It was obvious they spent the money on this place when it was built. The outside was rough.

The interior was for most, spared the desecration of it's original majesty and was beautiful.

How do these work? They felt more like they were retractable instead of being fastened to a weight. Smooth as silk. Every one of them functioned perfectly.

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Spring tape sash balances. They work just like your retractable tape measure. The spring strengths are matched to the weight of the sash. They are often installed as later replacements to broken ropes from pulley & weight supports. They fit the same mortise as the original pulley.

They were manufactured from the mid 1880s. (later installations to that 1860 house). There are 3 manufacturers still producing these devices.

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