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Cat IV Wall Exit

Mike Lamb

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The vent terminal shall be installed a minimum of 14-inches from any obstruction .

I have read this statement in a few places but cannot find the coded reference. Any help?

Does anyone have the manufacturer's instructions on an American Standard Model # ALCIB060A9361AE Cat IV non-direct vent. I did not get anything with Google.

I need some coded or manufacturer's references to refute this Cat IV termination set-up. A box was built over it on the deck.

I have the NFPA Chapter 12 references but can't seem to find that this set up is a problem.

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Local utility Peoples Gas says this. Do you think #2 applies?

1. The vent shall not be installed in an inner court or light well that is enclosed on all four sides.

2. The vent shall not be installed in an outer court or any other similarly restricted area (e.g., gangway) unless there is a minimum distance of 10 feet from the nearest building.

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It probably doesn't apply; that's to keep people from venting into building gangways. It was 6', they changed it to 10' a 3 or 4 years ago. There's nothing in People's Gas stuff that specifically says you can't do this. If you want to hang it with People's Gas, call John Saigh @ PG.

It would seem the spirit of the minimum distance from in to out is compromised. You might try that.

Personally, I'd appeal to a higher order of God and Man, and unrelentingly condemn that piece of shit as unworthy to serve.

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I have recommended improvements in this termination on the grounds that the corrosive effects of the condensate in this confined space are going to eventually destroy everything that comes in contact with it, and in very cold weather there's going to be some serious frost problems.

I think that is the best I can do. I'm still trying to find the installation instructions for this particular model furnace.

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An American Standard tech sent installation instructions on what he thought was the furnace in question. I guess I have the model # wrong. It is vague.

A Rheem pdf is far clearer than the A.S. on this subject.

http://www.rheem.com/documents/rgrm-ins ... structions

5. 6 feet from an inside corner formed by two exterior walls ? 10 feet is the recommended distance.

1. Do not terminate under any kind of patio or deck.

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