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UV Furnace lights

Jerry Simon

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They work, but the lights need to be replaced as they loose their effectiveness over time. I had a HVAC contractor who installs them in hospitals tell me that for optimal effectiveness the bulbs should be changed every year in homes and every six months in clinical settings. He said that after 30 days of 24/7 use, the bulbs will degrade about 10-12% from their original effectiveness and this continues.

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I have them at the office and am very happy with the results. I really don't think they kill many bugs after a very short time (see Scott's post), but they do really improve the air smell quality.

The office was always musty smelling and we had one smoker in the back office. I closed the warm air return in that office and installed two uv's in the system(s) and the difference was amazing.

We changed the bulbs once.

I often see them in medical settings, so it is likey they do kill stuff.

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