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which directory?


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Jason, it will all depend on the area you are in. For what its worth, I am only in my professional organizations search directory. But if you search for a home inspector in my area, my website appears at the top or right under the commercial paid placement search directories. I have found that the search directories require too much information that a prospective client is not willing to give, so the go to the first person under the commercial searchers.

So my suggestion would be to join a good professional HI organization and build a good website.

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Mike makes a point in that we live in the Web 2.0 era with seach engines placing more emphasis on blogging and fresh content.

So get on the forums to learn and increase SEO rankings.

I put an ad under FSBO around six months ago and never got a call.

As Scott said it depends on your area.

There are many free listing sites that do bettor than what you might pay for.

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I subscribe to a few different directories, but only pay for one of them. That is Home Inspections-USA. They seem to always be at the top of the search engines, and I get a fair amount of leads from them a month.

This is the only directory that I would "pay" to be included in.


During the month of June my business name was viewed 1375 times, clicked on 161 times, and received 4 price quotes. I booked two out of the four price quotes.

This is an average month! I think the total cost for on listing is around 250.00 a year. It pays for itself after the first couple of months. Although, I live in a big area (Washington DC), so your experience might be different.


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