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not another thread about mobile app

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android devices are geting more and more powerful like a low end windows pc, I still can not type with two thumbs as fast as ten fingures, but good enough for now, so I'm seriously looking at android inspection apps, it is still ongoing but not looking good.

There are very few players on the mobile market, even the big boys don't have standalone inspection apps. I even ran into software maker's website still using flash, don't they know flash support has been dropped by android.

I skipped past any softwares that requires ongoing costs, I just can't imagine when I turn on my PC, microsoft ask me for a couple doolars. I don't want to be anyone's cash cow. It's a great business model for sure, I wish I can charge my client $10 a month for whatever reasons.

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What would motivate someone to design and implement an inspection app without getting paid for it? There isn't enough of a market out there to make it worth anyone's time. They'd have to charge hundreds of dollars for it up front, and even then, unless it was an excellent app, it wouldn't make anyone any money. The only chance that they have of making money is if they sold it on a per use basis.

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