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total consternation

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I bought a Mr. Slim 2-3 years ago, and found the system to be totally unsatisfactory. I am a graduate physicist, but, for the life of me, I cant operate the darned thing. I can request (i.e., set) a mode (say cool) and the unit haughtily pumps out heat. Any coordination with the settings and indications on the remote , compared to results by the unit, seems to be purely coincidental. I have contacted headquarters in Japan, and have had three different "qualified" technicians trying to make sense of the complex controller. I have concluded that their qualifications are minimal or nonexistent. They dont know any more that I do about it. I have advertised on Craig's list for a genuinely-qualified tech, with zero results. Thank goodness I have a gas fireplace to keep warm.

Any suggestions? Is there a simple thermostat available?

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I just finished a project with 155 Mr. Slims and each one is working perfectly.

I suspect that the installer and the techs in your area simply don't know what the heck they're doing. Oftentimes, there's a regional manufacturer's rep. My best advice is to find such a rep and ask him for help.

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Mitsubishi HQ in Japan has nothing to do with your heat pump. Contact Mitsubishi Electric and ask for customer service. I think they're based in California I've contacted them a couple times with technical questions.

I've checked hundreds of residential and commercial Mitsubishi heat pumps and never found anything close to the problem you describe. It's likely a combination of installation errors.

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