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Caulk sucker

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I think your timing is a bit off. Don't you want those windows stuck shut for the winter? [:)]

The best tool for wallpaper IMO is a steamer. They can be rented for about $12/day. Then ask for a spiked roller. That is to perforate the skin on the paper so steam can get in to the glue layer.

I'm painting the interior and wanted to free up the windows prior to painting the trim.

As far as air infiltration there are aluminum storm windows installed.

I tried a Paper Tiger and Dif remover, it just doesn't get below the f..n paint.

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one Quart cheap liquid fabric softener, two tablespoons of Joy (only Joy brand), one cup Diff or any other enzyme and one quart of water. apply liberally. spike roller or Paper Tiger works to allow penetration.

I spray it on after a cursory roll over with spiked thing.

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