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Drop to a trap?


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1002.1 Fixture traps.

Each plumbing fixture shall be separately trapped by a water?seal trap, except as otherwise permitted by this code. The trap shall be placed as close as possible to the fixture outlet. The vertical distance from the fixture outlet to the trap weir shall not exceed 24 inches (610 mm). The distance of a clothes washer standpipe above a trap shall conform to Section 802.4. A fixture shall not be double trapped.

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JFYI. the rule here is one meter or 3 feet approx. This allows the trap to be under the subfloor in a crawlspace or basement. This is done in island sinks sometimes.

If the trap is below the floor, then the vent can be run under the floor to a vent stack in the wall. This works in Canada, but not in the USA.

I am not a plumber and this could just be a local quirk in the rules.[:)]

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