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Shrinking Hardiplank?


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I returned to inspect a house that I inspected seven years ago when it was a year old. The gaps in some the Hardiplank joints have expanded to 1/4" wide, exposing the joint flashing. Some of the planks broke where they were face nailed. My photos from seven years ago show all the joints were tight (no caulk).

Discoloration of the siding and wood fascia, and leaking gutters lead me to suspect water intrusion at the wall. Can Hardiplank shrink? There was very little waviness or buckling in the planks. Could a wet wall behind the siding expand and create joint gaps? The temperature difference between inspections was less than ten degrees.


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Try this: The first inspection was done before the house saw its first summer season. A couple of summers pass and the planks displace sideways slightly because of expansion in summer heat. The 2nd inspection is also in the winter when the gaps are at their widest.


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