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Pipe coming from ground?

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I just finished my first paid inspection and it happened to be on a home about 110years old, talk about getting your feet wet. Anyway, in the crawl space under the house is the furnace and electrical box and also a pipe coming from the ground. The pipe is capped off on top and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. There's no sogns of any pipes coming through the walls or repairs from that where you would have an exterior or fill pipe protruding through the wall for fuel tank. Just wondering what your thoughts were from the pic enclosed.

P.S. - this seems to be a nice site.

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Well from what i can see on this picture, it seems like an old oil tank installed in the underground.There is some wet spots over the dirt ground ... was ther any smells ? It could be important to have the recommendation of a certified plumber to make those verifications.Soil contamination can be very expensive and major problem if an oil tank is located under soil and was leaking since. Canadian environmentalist are very concerned about those deficiencies. We have that kind of problem in here , in Quebec , some times .

Many internet site explain the problematic of an undergrounf oil tank . [:-wiltel]

Click on link ... http://www.orea.com//index.cfm/ci_id/1425/la_id/1.htm

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Well the first couple times I dropped in to browse there wasn't much traffic but seeing 4 replies to my post within one day is very impressive I must say. I did note it in my report and made mention that it should be further investigated by a proffesional. I didn't notice any smells in the crawl space. The crawlspace is more of a cery short basement about 5 1/2 feet high. I know that Canada is kind-of a stickler about oil tanks, especially the buried ones. There where no stains or anything suggesting oil but the pipe coming up out of the ground caught my attention right away. It may make sence that it could be an old water line as there was new copper water line run in the house and copper from the road to in the house. Thanks again everyone for the help. I will definatly become a regular here with help like this.


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Wow, talk about going for the Gusto!!!! Bravo[^] I have done a few inspections for some friends prior to The State of Michigan requiring an inspector to be licensed, in the (UP)Upper Peninsula. I have seen those lines in basements and crawl spaces up there and they were for Heating Oil.

If you vector a course from that wall straight out, onto the property up to 100ft. away, you will possibly find the irregular landscaping or the tell tale sign of where the tank use to be. If its still out there, you should at least come across the vent and/or fill tube that was capped and stowed.

As I look at your picture, I also see a faint outline of whatever that supply line was used for. I have seen a dual oil/wood burning stove in a few of those homes. However, you should have seen some type of hole for a flue or exhaust tube in the flooring.

As my colleges mentioned, when in doubt, call it out!!!

Beat of Luck to you1!!!

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It's hard to tell from one picture, but based on the size and location of the pipe and the age of the home, it might be an old sandpoint well casing. I do alot of rural inspections and see these all the time. If you can get the cap off and see how deep the pipe extends down you will generally know. If it's more than 10' deep it's generally a sandpoint.

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