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Old tenant farmhouse

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Was proud to inspect an old tenant farmhouse that the bank recommended inspectors sneered at and would not touch. (Client said he was a smart*ss)

The house stood beside a long abandoned chicken house, and was itself abandoned for some time, but client stood to be gifted the dwelling as part of estate settlement, and needed someone to inspect and advise on feasibility.

House was all local pine, sills, joists, studs, rafters, flooring both sides of all walls and all ceilings. Had been covered with asphalt shingle siding before it was brick veneered.

Because it was basically a big pine box it was very sturdy structurally, but still only about fourteen inches off the ground.

Told client if they had historic or family reasons to restore it, it might be a fun project, but as comparable to building new would likely be a wash.

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