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How many panels are "too many"?


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Pretty 59 year old Bedford Stone house on a basement

5 different boxes at the main location in the basement garage.

3 boxes in the front right basement room

1 box in the upstairs hall closet.

Mostly old ungrounded painted over 2 slot receptacles.

Commercial grade Bulldog for the main switch.

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By the time I hit the five panels in the basement garage, I was done.

Get an electrician to straighten it all out. More problems than I'm going to list.

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It's a beautiful old house that hasn't seen much updating at all other than Mr. Electric handyman piece it together guy.

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Electrical ?? Eh, Still working on report.

Basic will be. It's a stinking mess with so many issues I got tired of writing them. Get an electrician to go through and fix it all along with any other things he finds wrong.

Sure did close the damper on the first fireplace quick. Shone my light up the flue and saw a racoon's ass disappearing up the flue.

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