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Connecticut home inspectors


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John, what do you think about the license requirements?

They never were a factor in my company as we just trained the guys we wanted to work for us. I paid them a modest salary while in training and we had a two year non-compete. I don't recall any of my inspectors not passing the HI test first time out. Along with the HI license some of my guys also had supervisory termite licenses.

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I dunno,

When the slump came I was working and those who built their businesses by feeding at the realtor trough were going down the tubes left and right as the ranks their real estate handlers - and the referrals - dried up. One inspector I know had to sell an investment property just to pay his bills and he barely got what he'd paid for it a decade before. My business, built around clients and not realtor referrals, kept going strong and had the toadies asking me what the hell I was doing that they weren't.



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An internship might be good, but the focus should be on expanding the pre-licensing schools to more than 90, 120 hrs.

There's Douglas's book on electric. Granted, there's few others on HI work, but it's enough to gather them all together, pick out sections worthy of a curriculum, assemble them in order, get the regulatory bodies to adopt them and farm it out to persons qualified to teach them.

Get a proctor in the classes to monitor the performance of the instructor.


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this business insists on having only experienced (uneducated) folks teach. Experience does not mean you can teach. It does not pay anything and there is no standard. Very very very few have any background in education per se.

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