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Texaco Furnace Age?


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Hello Everyone,

Long time! I need some help, if anyone can... I came across this oil fired Texaco furnace today. I believe they were made by Brock furnaces in Montreal (I think Texaco had many companies making furnaces for them) I have the data plate, but no info on the age. It seems to be 1972?? That makes the cabinet 43 years old? Can it be? If anyone has any information on the age, please let me know. All was working well on the day of inspection, only some rust from the broken humidifier.

Thanks in advance!

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I've never seen a Texaco furnace or a Brock Engineering furnace and I don't know old it is, but I'll bet you $100 (Canadian) that the "C-72" in the serial number has nothing to do with 1972.

It probably has more to do with the fact that 72 is 80% of 90,000 btu/hr.

I've never been able to correlate dates with serial numbers on older oil furnaces.

One other observation - the data plate seems to be made from foil. That suggests that the furnace is much more recent than 1972.

Do you have a wide shot of the whole furnace and the entire data plate?

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Hello Jim,

Thanks for the reply. The metal stamping of the plate suggests that it is not newer than 20 years old. The low efficiency burner and a new oil tank in 2006 to me suggests perhaps 1985/86? (20 years roughly on tank then changed in 2006?) Home was built in 1953. Here are a few more shots.

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