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Am I reading this right?`

David Meiland

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Brand new Carrier heat pump. The sticker seems to indicate that power is to be single-phase, but that the compressor and fan are 3-phase. I don't look at these too often, especially not newer ones. I assume this has something to do with it being inverter drive. Can anyone clarify?

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Sorry, no idea. But I'd love to hear an explanation from Carrier.

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It's an inverter-powered compressor alright. Has two windings but that could be either start/run windings or two of the three phase windings (don't need all three).

Can't make any sense about that OFM (outdoor fan motor) though. They're usually 3 wire devices and this one has 4 wires, so I dunno what's going on. The diagrams don't say much.


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