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Vermiculite Again

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I'm pretty sure I asked this long ago and forget the response. I, for one, stopped mentioning it.

Yeah, back in 2007. I looked up the thread. Inconclusive. The conversation devolved into meaninglessness, with the usual arguments and chastisements. I couldn't remember either, so I asked again.

I also stopped mentioning it, until today when a smarty pants customer asked and had some knowledge about vermiculite, asbestos, Libby Montana, etc., etc.

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I think that O'Handley once said that he had narrowed it down to 1990. Before that, it could contain asbestos. After that, not so much. I've lost the reference.

It's one of those things that's interesting to me, but I see no need to put it in a report.

Yeah, I thought there was a 1990 or 1994 reference marker. After that, I have no idea anymore.

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