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House Burns Down - Agent Blames the Home Inspector


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This is one we can all relate to. A home doesn't sell and the agent blames the inspector. Except.................this time the home didn't sell because a lit cigarette that the agent tossed away, burnt the house down.

So, what was the natural response of the agent to his own stupidity? Why, what else, the nimrod blames the home inspector because the inspector's slowness caused him - the agent - to be so stressed that he had to go outside for a cigarette.

Yeah, that's right, it's all the inspector's fault. To read more, click here.

Thanks to Chris Prickett for this one.

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somethings fishy

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no jason bruce registered as ohio rea

& then this "I only smoke when I'm drinking or if I'm stressed," Jason claimed. "I had a showing across town and the inspector was taking forever. I thought I might have to push back my appointment, so I decided to rip a heater."

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Guys, this isn't real. It's humor - kind of like The Onion but for real estate folks.

Look at some of the other blog titles:

Agent Attends Office Meeting for First Time in Four Years. Leaves After Seeing There was No More Food.

Real Estate Agent Rushed to Hospital for Saying, "Granite Countertops," in Response to Everything.

And my favorite,

Millenial Breaks Hand in Tragic Door-Knocking Incident.

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