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TPRV for Williamson oil boiler?

Jon Hodgkins

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I saw this Williamson oil fired boiler with no readily apparent TPRV. They did not install an extension on the back flow preventer - minor issue, but leaves concern that other parts of installation were performed incorrectly. I reached down to feel if it was maybe built in and concealed by the jacket, but did not feel any other pipes.

Is the brass fitting on the top of the black iron pipe an air bleeder valve?

Is there any reason why a TPRV would not be required for a boiler.

Should I be concerned?

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The air vent is at the correct tapping. This same tapping can be used for the water fill and pipe to non-diaphragm type expansion tank.

The PRV tapping is at the rear of the boiler (the side facing the drywall) near the top. There should be a hole in the jacket at that location. When I get home, I'll look for the diagram of the near boiler piping for this boiler.

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