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NFL Playoffs

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Halftime and all is well (so far). I'll go ahead and pick the second game today, the Jaguars vs. the Patriots. It's at New England, it's supposed to be very cold, and the Pats have done a lot of recovering from the off-season / early season troubles. Gotta take the Pats.

Brian G.

Taking the Killer B's (Belichick, Brady, & Brewski) [;)]

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In spite of the Redskins making every conceivable effort to give the game away, the Bucs wouldn't take it. Ugly game. The Pats were no surprise...ready and steady. And so the G.P. gets a nice 2 - 0 start on the post season...yeah baby! [^]


I don't know the order, so I'll just go Bengals @ Steelers first. I would love to take the Bengals, but I can't. It's at Pittsburg, this is Palmer's first year to start, and the first playoff game ever for many of the Bengals (including Marvin Lewis as a head coach). The Bengals could do it, I just see them coming up short this time.

Between the Giants and Panthers...that's a tough one. Normally I would quickly take the Giants at home vs. the somewhat banged-up Panthers, but Eli has been struggling most of the second half of the season, and it's his first full year to start too (noticing a trend here?). I think this is Tiki & defense vs. Jake & defense. Tiki's had the better year...I'll take the Giants in a close, close one.

Awright you mugs, I know some of youse' got yer own picks. Come on, put 'em up here. None of that "I knew it all along" stuff afterwards now.

Brian G.

The G.P. Is In. [:-masked]

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Originally posted by kurt

There's football games this weekend?

Yeah, but pay no attention yet. Da Bears play next weekend.

I saw last night where Bears coach Lovie Smith (sp?) won "coach of the year" honors...well deserved, but they had Tony Dungy second. Say what? The coach of the talent-heavy Colts? Marvin Lewis of the Bengals should have there, not Dungy.

I've also discovered the Steelers are at the Bengals, not the other way around. My bad. Hmmmm...I'll stick with my pick anyway (Steelers).

Brian G.

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3 out of 4 ain't bad for the first round. Dang Giants let me down big time. Too bad about Carson Palmer, he was having a terrific year and might have made a lot of difference for the Bengals today. I don't believe the guy did it on purpose though, just an inherent risk in a very violent game played by a lot of strong, fast, tough men. The Bengals will be back.

I'll go ahead and pick next weekends games before I head for Ft. Lauderdale. In no particular order...

Redskins vs. Seahawks - Seahawks, no question. Possible blowout.

Patriots vs. Broncos - Patriots (strap on your knee braces boys!).

Steelers vs. Colts - Colts. Peyton ain't Eli.

Panthers vs. Bears - This should be the smash-mouth, blue collar, trench warfare game of the weekend, and is the toughest to pick in my book. The Bears defense can keep them in the game against anyone, but the offense isn't playoff caliber yet and there isn't a lot of post-season experience on that sideline. I'll take the Panthers.

Brian G.

The G.P. Has Spoken [^]

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***News flash***


The New Jersey state police has issued an ALL POINTS BULLETIN for the 52 members of the New York Giants football team. It seems the entire team is being held hostage and some phoney imposters actually played in Sundays game. Anyone that has information leading to the actual whereabouts of the REAL NEW YORK GIANTS, please call 911 for the posted reward monies.




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Originally posted by Tim H

Has college football in the Great State of Mississippi fallen so far as to compell the citizens to follow the NFL, or do you follow just because REAL football is over for the year?

I love college & pro, but college is over. Football over here is definitely in a slump, with none of our big three doing much at all. Wel be back though.

BTW, Ole Miss or State?

Mississippi State Bulldogs sir, & smile when you say that! [:D][:-dev3][:D]

War Damn Eagle

I'll try not to hold that against you. [:-yuck][;)]

Brian G.

Maroon & White, Bully, Bully! [:-dog]

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Well it was hardly a stellar weekend for the GP, or a lot of other prognosticators. .500 is good in baseball, but not in playoff prognostication.

The Redskins were game, I'll give them that, but just don't have enough offense to stay with a solid, balanced team. Gotta give Hasselbeck some credit too, he made it work without the league MVP.

The Pats looked like my Saints (this year). Blame has to go all around on this one; lots of participation from all quarters, and all of the band-aids they've been sticking on this team over the season finally came off. The one I haven't heard from the press (but noticed myself as the game went along) was the near-total absence of any blitz against Plummer. I only saw them do it once, and they sacked him. Belichick gets the razzie on that strategy.

I only saw the very end of the Steelers - Colts game, so I can't say much about the game. But the end was unmistakeable...the kicker blew it, badly. The end.

I was surprised the Panthers & Bears combined for 50 points, but not by the outcome. The Bears lacked playoff experience, especially Grossman. He did pretty well though, all things considered. The Bears lost on the big plays more than anything else, done in by Steve Smith.

The other noteworthy point from this weekend is that the officiating was terrible at times. I saw some of the worst calls and no-calls I've ever seen in the playoffs. Some were corrected by replay, some were not. Too bad, it really takes away from the whole thing.

So lets see, that makes me 5 - 3 so far...yuck! [:-yuck] The GP expects more of himself in the NFL playoffs...this ain't the Big Dance. Maybe I should get out the dart board.

Brian G.

The Mediocre Prognosicator [:-indiffe

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I don't know much about football. In fact, I don't even know how to throw one. But I wanted to see what everyone around here was getting so wound up about. I tuned in some time during the 3rd period and the Seahawks were up by 20 points. Since I didn't understand half of what they were saying, I split the screen and turned up the volume on Animal Planet and watched T-Rex while I glanced over at the football game every once in a while. Now, I don't know a thing about football, but even with the volume to that side off and not understanding the palaver, it was pretty obvious that the North Carolina guys were swimming upstream, so why, Oh Great Prognostigator, did you say they'd whup Seattle's butt. It looked like they were getting their butts whupped.

Teach me. I'm always willing to learn.



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I didn't say anything about whuppin' butt, I said "win". What can I tell you? Other than the uniforms those guys didn't remotely resemble the team that took the Giants and the Bears apart at the joints. My reasoning was:

The Seahawks looked rusty much of last weeks game against an offensively aneimic Redskins team, while Carolina surgically dismantled a solid Bears team with ease...Shawn Alexander had never showed up for a playoff game before in his career...Delhomme had much more playoff experience than Hasselbeck and the best playoff QB rating in the history of the league (including Montana, Marino, you name 'em)...no one had shut down Steve Smith all year except Dallas... Carolina's been great on the road all year long. Good reasons to pick the Panthers, all. Wrong! [:-paperba

But hey, this is the NFL. Upsets happen. The GP takes these little setbacks in stride, for prognosticating 'tis an art, not a science. I believe this puts me at 6 - 4, so I'm still on the upside by 2 with only 1 game left. [^]

So where are the genius picks by thou of the peanut gallery? I can't get youse mugs to post a single pick. C'mon, at least post a Super Bowl pick. If you miss, you miss...no biggie. [:-footbal

Brian G.

Pretend It's Your Nose & Pick [:-yuck][;)]

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