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What's this material?


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Out with my wife on one of her insurance claims. Wandering what this roof material is. Yeah, it's been painted over with some of MH roof in a can stuff. Seams on this thing pulled apart elsewhere and leaked into the house, if you can believe that?

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Thanks Jim.

Aren't there usually a flood coat on top of the paper? I don't usually see those seams on the few that I look at. More often tar, gravel, and moss.

I think that they figured the Snow Coat would take the place of a flood coat. On better jobs, they'd use 4 plys instead of the 3 that you've got and on really nice jobs they'd include a granule-coated cap sheet or a layer of rock ballast.

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I am looking at the photo on my phone. I see one seam and that looks like built up asphalt roofing. In my area you can typically see the seams. 18 in for two ply, 12 in. For 3 ply and 9 in. for 4 ply. When they have a heavy silver or asphalt flood coat it can be hard to see all of the seams.

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