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Driveway Sawcut


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Are those blood stains permanent?

I see at least a dozen examples of symmetry in the photo of the house, so what happened with the driveway? Maybe the concept became lost to the contractor when the time came to form the driveway.

Irregular things like that I sometimes attribute to what I call the builder's 'signature'. They're usually not violations, might be examples of poor workmanship, might be just the builder's own style but one thing for sure: they're seldom appealing to anyone other than the builder himself.


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between your "grievances" with the fp & driveway

why are you considering purchasing this particular house?

regret is a bitter pill & resentment will last throughout ownership...unless you're a zen type...forgive & forget

other bigger issues commonly seen are with the exterior mfr. stone...here's the install guide

https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q ... wKPH9qHoDw

best hire an inspector qualified to inspect the fake-stone & rest of house before moving forward

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