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ridge vent for modular home

John Dirks Jr

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How would one go about installing a continuous ridge vent on a modular home?  At the ridge there are 2x4's on each half of attic structure that block the normal place you would cut a slot in the sheathing.

So, how to accomplish installing a good vent at the ridge on this type of attic structure?    

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Thanks Bill.

 I understand the outer width of the Air Vent II is 12".  Do you know how wide the actual vent opening is on the under side of the product?   A double 2x4 of the modular home attic structure would be 3 1/2" wide if they were flush together.  I was thinking one could cut a 1" slot in the sheathing on each side of the 2x4's.  That would make a vent opening on each side of the ridge.  Total span of vent covering opening would therefore need to be at least 5 1/2".  I'm just not sure how the Air Vent is designed and if it can function properly over a 5-6" inch spread.

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