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pvc flue pipe


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Interesting.  furnace is abt 22' below roof line.  Do you install a 180 on top of pipe, use a storm collar ? etc.  I know you can research it and find all kinds of information, but the intent here is what do you think at the time of inspection. 



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I think it's fine. The pipe should slope back to a drain or a condensate pump that should be amply able to deal with any rainwater that enters the pipe.  As for sealing the pipe, it looks like a classic pitch pocket setup that's relatively easy to seal. If there are no gaps between the sealant and the plastic pipe or between the sealant and the old B-vent, it's probably going to be fine. 

The stains on the ceiling look like they're related to a failure of the B-vent flashing. Maybe look more carefully at that. 


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6 minutes ago, Tom Raymond said:

Where's the intake?

Either in the wrong zone, or the furnace is approaching 30 and should be replaced anyway. Discuss venting location with your HVAC contractor as part of the new system design.

I'd hardly call it "wrong." It's just a non-direct-vent setup and slightly less efficient. 

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