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leaks in compressor tank

John Dirks Jr

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I have this compressor with a powerful electric motor and a compressor pump that works great.  It's fixed on top of a small tank that has a few tiny pin holes in the bottom.  Is there a thicker type of compound I can coat the bottom of the tank to seal the pin holes? Im sure if I seal each leak individually, more will just pop up.  Thats why I like to try and coat the entire bottom with something.

Transferring the motor and pump to another tank is possible but it looks like more work than I care for on this thing.

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The explosive force of at least 125 PSI paired with a structurally compromised vessel that has a lot of square inches of surface area adds up to an undesirable outcome. I was filling a split rim truck tire assembly in 2001- the split rim broke at 65 PSI. The force of  the resulting explosion ruined the tire cage and rocketed two, foot-long pieces of the ring through a twelve inch block wall.  I am convinced that had I been filling the assembly sans cage  I and a few employees would have been killed. 

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