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Dishwashers Can Explode!

Brian G

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If you suspect hydrogen gas may have built up in the hot-water system, flush it by turning on all hot-water faucets in the building and letting them run for several minutes. And don't smoke while you're doing it. Make it a habit of doing this every time you inspect a building. If you live in the home and are away for a vacation, do this every time you return home.

LOL...You mean I shouldn't be smoking inside someone's house while I'm doing an inspection?

Just how old is that article?

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I understand how this could happen. I put in a new water heater a few years ago w/the brand new anode rod. The well water must have the characteristics to create the gas, because after being away for a week, the water stinks BAD.

Well, one time I was away for a month, & when I opened up the hot water tap, I got pure stinky gas for about 10 seconds; it was scary. If that stuff was contained in a water heater, kaboom!

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Yeah, what Paul said. Run the hot water first.

I think the likelihood is extremely small, but I believe it could happen.

I miswrote that first post; I meant to say dishwasher instead of water heater. If the amount of gas that came out my faucet would have discharged directly into a tightly closed area (dishwasher), I can see how it could go boom.

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It is a good find, but credit actually goes to "Phillip" over at the JLC boards (Electric Shop), who posted it there. I don't normally post the same thing all over the place, but I may spread this around. It's amazing, unexpected, and the bretheren need to know. Exploding dishwashers....who'd a thunk it? [:-splat]

Brian G.

What's Next...Exploding Drywall? [:-boggled

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