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Flip this House!?

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Just got turned on to this show a couple weeks ago.(TLC I think)

So far I'm convinced not a single home inspection has been done prior to purchase. They even mention or show cracked foundations and bearing issues, cracked walls, leaking ceilings, etc.

Let's paint and charge 100k+. Nice.

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About 3 months ago, I actually emailed the fellow who owns that company and asked him why he didn't use home inspectors. Answer - home inspections don't make good TV. It's all of the stuff that they find wrong and need to deal with in a hurry that is getting that show its viewers. If he had them inspected first, nothing weird would happen and it would just be another ho-hum purchase an old house, fix it up and sell it show.

OT - OF!!!


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It's actually on A&E. My wife and I love the show.

On their tips page at A&E, they actually tell people to use a home inspector.

However, the realisty (at least in my area) is that most investors are bargain hunters and only think in shades of 'paint and carpet'. They want the cheapest inspectors they can find if they use one at all.

We only have a few investors who work with us. Their simply paranoid (for a good reason most of the time).

Here's a link to the 'Flip this house' on A&E: http://www.aetv.com/flip_this_house/index.jsp

There is a show on The Discovery Channel called 'Flip THAT House'. It's good, but not to the point that 'Flip this house' is.

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I've been seeing dozens of flipper houses the last couple years. Invariably, they're pieces of s--t w/nice new tile in the bathrooms & the requisite granite countertops. Oh, and the sign out front exclaiming on the "luxury" acoutrements.

I really like the one's w/the FPE panels that are all double tapped out. And, these hamsters are honestly dumbfounded that I'm not at all in love w/their "creation".

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