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FLIR E6 and C3 Stop Saving Images

John Thompson

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I recently purchased a FLIR E6 as an upgrade to my old E5. It stopped saving images after about a month of use. I bought a C3 as a backup to use while my E6 was being repaired by FLIR. It too stopped saving images after about a month of use. Has anyone has the same issues with FLIR cameras? Online support simply asks that you try and restore factory default settings, but that didn't work with either camera. Does anyone have any tips or tricks besides sending the cameras back to FLIR? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Things that make  on want to go, "Hmmmm?"

In light of a certain recent verdict in the State of Mississippi, is it wise for infrared users to be advertising on social media that they use,  or have used, IR devices for inspections, if they haven't paid a certain patent holder for a license?




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