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Anybody familiar with Pleko? I think it is the "original" EIFS.

I inspected a house the other day that had this installed. There were some cracks that made it evident that it was installed directly on 4x8 sheets. The stuff is about 1/8 inch thick or less. I was thinking, wow, no foam, no lath, installed directly on plywood, not good. I kept looking and found a loose area and found it was in fact installed over DRYWALL!

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I told the client to get a stucco guy out, but basically to budget for a "real" stucco job. Now I am wondering if they will have to remove the old panels.

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Pleko - Isn't that the insurance Co. with the lizard?

It looks like "direct apply" acrylic stucco. It was common on economy commercial buildings. Often applied over cmu construction (You still see the mortar joints).

It also was used for residential, but usually applied to soffits and porch ceilings. I'm not familiar with that brand, but most is applied over exterior grade plywood, not gypsum.

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What makes you think it is Pleko brand? Dryvit was the original EIFS.

This looks like an attempt at DEFS, or direct applied exterior finish system. Most of the manufacturers had a line in their product lineup that was able to be installed on exterior drywall. This does not look like exterior drywall. No mesh and it looks like no base coat. I would call it a Tear Off!

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Good point, I meant to say "a small area was already peeled back, perhaps by the termite inspector"

Paper was white (actually brown with stains). Looked like standard interior drywall to me.

"Should have probed or exposed a little more" I would LOVE to pull a sheet off and see what has happened in 20+ years. I think I will suggest that to the buyer as a condition of purchase. He (buyer) has decided to have some pretty extensive mold testing done.

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