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Any ideas as to how this could happen? The vent was quite long and had a sag in it, but I wouldn't think condensation would create so much volume or be so yellow. My best guess is that a disgruntled handyman... peed... in the vent? Large amount of liquid. I'd say more than a cup. Very very yellow. I considered lowering my respirator for a sniff but decided against it.



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I think you could easily get that much condensation inside a long uninsulated duct - especially given the cold weather we had a few weeks back. 

That much stale urine would have taken on a cloudy appearance after only a few days and it would seriously reek. 

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In our area, 90% of the bath exhaust ducts stop a foot or so away from the vent jacks. No need to disconnect them because no one ever connected them in the first place. 

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