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Daikin WLAN adapter acting in funny way


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Dear folk

I had my new Daikin split system FTXV35UVMA installed 7 months ago and it has WALN adapter model BRP072C42

The WALN adpter was working fine till I was trying to use it today but I couldn't access it

I did a troubleshooting ,,,,,I can see the name of the adapter (DaikinAP40153)  in my iPhoneX wireless list,,,,,but the actual adapter has all lamps [RUN, AP] off

I tried to reset it , then I pressed on the power button ,,,,,it doesn't look like it is working ,,,,,but I shouldn't see the name DaikinAP40153 as well

What other steps should I conduct for  further troubleshooting

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Your iPhone already has it installed so that's why it still shows up. If the hardwire connections to the WLAN are good, you may have nothing more than a WLAN failure. Try getting a new one. Check the warranty.

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Have you tried deleting the connection on your phone, cutting power to the WLAN adapter, and then re-initializing the whole thing? 

I don't use an iphone, but my android phone regularly gets fouled up connections with "smart" devices that require me to wipe and re-load them. 

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