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Many, many moons ago, in my muni inspector days, there was a prohibition against shower doors swinging inward only; the ostensible reason was that if anyone went down in the shower, they would block the door and no rescuer would be able to get in.

That disappeared w/doors that swing and out.

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Originally posted by Darren

Got vapor lock today;

I know (believe) a shower door cannot swing inward to a stall. Does this include a 'double' swing door (one that swings out and in)?

Anyone have a source for this: I've spent about an hour with no luck.




Darren, the rule isn't that a shower door can't open inward, it's that it must open outward. Subtle difference in phrasing, but it should address your question.

As far as I can tell, the rule appeared out of nowhere in the 1992 CABO (P2309.1) and pretty much stayed there till it just vanished into thin air in the 2003 IRC. (It was in the 2000 IRC at 2708.1)

The reasoning behind the rule, as I understand it, was exactly what Kurt said. If you've ever had someone collapse inside a shower, it's pretty tough to get to him if the door swings inward.

If anyone has any idea why the rule was dropped from the 2003 IRC, I'd love to know why.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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