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Clearance to combustables

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See 'em all the time. Don't know about the top one but the data plate on the bottom one is either under the lid on top or behind a small panel on the lower left side near the back. Use the rules for wood burning stoves in your region.

That bottom one will completely heat a house around here, but in your region it's a lot colder than here in the winter so maybe two were needed.

Provided there's a UL listing, there should be not less than 36 inches clearance to combustibles from the back of that unit to the wall, unless there's a clearance combustion system in place (I don't see one) in which case it can be as little as (but never less than) 12 inches. That bottom one is less than 12 inches.



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I have seen them during my wood stove days. (I lived in two 100+ year old homes that were heated solely by wood.) I assume that there is no specific variance from code requirements for them, but obviously, there is no concern with loading and fallen embers.

I just always call out any condition that is "not to current industry safety standards" as something to be aware of.

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Originally posted by Kevin A. Richardson

Anyone ever come across one of these? Would they fall under the same requirements as a wood burning stove & stove insert. I could not find a UL plate on the unit.


Those are pellet stoves. Their clearances are far less than those of wood stoves.

The data plates are where Mike said, but I disagree about clearances. Most of the ones I see have tiny clearances when compared to wood stoves. For instance, 3" to a combustible wall and 6" hearth extension are common specs.

Find and read the data plate or write down the model and google it up.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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