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Does anyone here charge 1000 dollars or more per inspection?

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My fees vary with the size, age, and location of the house. The fee for larger homes often exceeds $1,000. Sometimes by quite a bit. 

I offer ancillary services, but those cost more, on top of the inspection fee. I don't offer a buy-back guarantee because I feel that such a guarantees are amateurish and indicate a lack of confidence.

I don't justify my prices. They are what they are. If a customer doesn't like them then the customer can always find a cheaper inspector. 



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2 hours ago, Rich Bleich said:

Jacob, what are you hoping to accomplish by asking variations of the same questions on multiple forums?

He keeps repeating the questions because he doesn't like the answers that he gets the first time. 

He wants someone to tell him that a kid straight out of high school with no experience in construction, no experience running a business, and no secondary education can start and succeed in a home inspection business and make 6 figures out of the gate. 


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