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What are Common Problems Found during Home Inspections?

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LINK DELETED will ensure that the structure of the home is sound and that the plumbing and electrical systems are safe, among other things. The inspector may even propose contacting professional home inspectors for further examinations as they travel around the house. Some Common Problems Found during Home Inspections are:

1.       HVAC Issues

2.       Water Intrusion

3.       Roof Problems

4.       Electrical Issues

5.       Poor Ventilation

6.       Poor Drainage/Grading

7.       Plumbing Issues

8.       Foundation Flaws

9.       Blocked Gutters & Downspouts

10.   Mold

11.   Termite Damage

12.   Wood Damage

13.   Appliance Issues

14.   Radon

15.   Building Code Violations

16.   Asbestos

17.   Windows Not Sealing

18.   Water Heater Issues

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Here you have indicated that the windows do not close. That is, if they are closed during the test, then they are fine. Did I get it right or not at all. I would, for example, better check their condition rather than just close them or not. After all, the closing of the window in general can be adjusted if, for example, a sash sagged. Unless the windows ottawa is old wood and it sagged, then there is a little more complicated. I think to me to such moments should be treated more seriously as a replacement window after the purchase of the house will not be the most pleasant gift for its new owner. Do you agree with me? Or did you just briefly point out that you also check the windows? Maybe I just misunderstood you.

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