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boiler vent damage to vinyl siding


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I recently inspected a 4 year old colonial with light yellow vinyl siding and with an oil-fired side vent boiler. the vent protruded about 6 inches. the siding below vent was white. siding nearby was a mix of yellow to white blotches. has anyone else seen this. can it be corrected? damage extends 20 feet away. vinyl was not distorted, so I don't think heat is an issue. could it be chemical?? I thought vinyl color was solid, not topical?? vent placement appeared correct. no vegetation to affect flow - just an open wall. any suggestions out there??

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I have never seen a 'direct vent' system on an oil fired appliance.

Did the manufacture directions indicate this was possible?

I'm surprised. I've seen hundreds in both PA & NJ. SWG power vents (by Field Controls) are listed and recommended by the top manufacturers of oil-fired heating equipment. Peerless, New Yorker and Crown have direct vent oil-fired boilers. Bock has an oil-fired direct vent water heater.

I don't usually inspect buildings clad in Tupperware, but discoloration from a sidewall vent doesn't surprise me. I wouldn't think it wouldn't be reversible.

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I've only seen a handful and they were on new construction, not replacement systems. One of those houses was out your way; I inspected it twice. I also saw one where the power venter was used for oil but only rated for gas, according to manual left on the furnace. You may have seen this same type of device to modify a venting system when replacing the Plexvent/Ultravent stuff.

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