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Oops my bad. (a joke)

Actually, I did see a month ago where a guy featured on The Learning Channel actually did check in to a hospital with eye sight problems. It turned out he had a nail in the center of his brain from a nail gun mis-fire. Everyone was staring at the xray in disbelief. He realized that some 20 years ago it had scooted past his eyeball and in and he just never realized what had occured. They told him there was nothing they could do for him now. Leave the nail where it was.

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Originally posted by kurt

Anyone heard from Katen lately?


Your concern is touching.

Actually, that might have been my cousin, Thaddeus Katen, who had something similar happen when his girlfriend offered him a penny for his thoughts. It was a gripping story but in the end she stuck with him.

- Jim in Oregon

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