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Do I recommend to upgrade panel?

Mark P

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Assuming that's 2/0 copper cable and not 2/0 aluminum, and you've carefully studied the label and are correct, the panel is not being used according to it's listing and labeling:

You can either:

a. Have the main breaker replaced with a 100 amp breaker (if that's possible with 2/0 cable)


b. Have the panel upgraded to a 200 amp panel.

OT - OF!!!


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I think you have it right Mark. That's a 100 amp panel. It's like Mike says, they need to make the main and panel ratings agree one way or the other. They also can't clip strands out of the 2/0 to make it fit in a 100 amp breaker, so if they go that way the wire will have to be replaced too. No way it'll fit into the lugs of a 100 amp breaker.

Brian G.

An Overload in the Making [:-wiltel]

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